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New Website Coming Soon!

Whoopee, GoNudeSoap.com is almost ready to unveil……

Can you feel the tension in the air? I can. It’s very exciting. Get excited….. and head over to the new site soon. It’s going to be fantastic!

New layout. New colors. New E-Commerce. New and improved all around. See you there soon!


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Nude Soap is born!

Previously making soap under the name Tinctures & Tonics as part of The Relic Jar, a co-venture with my husband, i decided my soaps deserved their own brand name. Since i don’t add any artificial anythings, my packaging is 100% recycled and compostable, and my philosophy is that of treading lightly on the planet, i decided to name my soap Nude Soap. After all, you’re often nude while you enjoy them in the shower or bath – why not revel in that natural state!

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