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It’s “that” time of year again: Christmas! Hanukkah! Solstice! Secret Santa Gift Exchanges! It’s the time to stock up on gifts perfect for everyone on your list. All natural soap is ALWAYS the best choice, and a bar of Nude Soap fits perfectly in a stocking!

Holiday Sale from Nude Soap

To help you stretch your budget and have a treat for your own stocking after stuffing everyone else’s, i’m offering a free bar of soap* for every purchase of 5 or more bars. Order your Christmas purchase by Monday December 17th to be sure your gift arrives on time (U.S. orders only). Our stock up sale will continue through the month of December as supplies last.

A stimulating blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea tree

A stimulating blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea tree

We’re also excited to re-introduce one of our FAVORITE soap blends: Winter Wellness! The refreshing aromas of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint are sure to invigorate you and help lessen the symptoms of the common cold. Winter Wellness is available on a limited basis during the Winter season only – so stock up now before it sells out!

Don’t delay! Head on over to www.GoNudeSoap.com today to place your order! All orders are packaged and shipped within 3 days and sent via USPS priority mail. Happy holidays everyone!

*Free bar will be randomly chosen from our inventory of 4 ounce body/hand bars. It’s like Santa really has a surprise for you! Please note our shop will be “open” for limited hours Christmas eve – New Years, so expect minor delays of any orders placed after the 23rd.


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Hey y’all, i have exciting news. Nude Soap is hosting a giveaway!

We have several giveaways planned for this holiday season (but don’t let that stop you from stocking up now) starting with today’s giveaway JUST for newsletter subscribers! Entry to this giveaway is open to all, but you gotta read the newsletter to get the rules….

We send out a monthly newsletter, aptly titled “All Lathered Up.” Each month is a little different, but there’s always juicy info and often a special discount for subscribers. So what are you waiting for: subscribe to All Lathered Up today and read this month’s edition to enter the giveaway!

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I thought i would write this Wednesday’s post on one of the ingredients in two of my popular soaps, shea butter. Shea butter is taken from the nuts of the shea-Karite tree which only bears nuts suitable for harvest after 15-30 years! They’re tropical trees found in Africa – just another marvelous species needing to be protected from deforestation! This website has gobs of information on shea butter, check it out as i’ll only touch on a few details.

Shea butter promotes quicker healing of small wounds, burns, cuts and scrapes.
Shea butter is an efficient natural makeup remover.
Shea butter is safe to use on babies, children and adults.
Shea butter helps prevent and soothe sunburns.
Shea butter is high in vitamins A and E.
Shea butter helps moisturize dry skin.
Shea butter soothes sore, overworked muscles.
Shea butter is recommended for conditioning animal’s coats.
Shea butter makes an excellent natural lip balm.
Shea butter helps restore elasticity of aging skin.
Texas natural supply

I have purchased both refined and unrefined shea butter for use in my soaps. The unrefined smells a little “nuttier” and the refined is a bit more consistent in color and texture. I prefer to use the unrefined to get the most vitamins and goodies out of it. Shea butter is very moisturizing and soothing on the skin, and can help reduce inflammation. It’s great on animals: i rub raw shea butter on my turtle’s shell and skin with marvelous results. Rub it on your belly if you’re pregnant to reduce stretch marks, or similarly on your hips and other ‘curves’ while you’re going through puberty. You can rub it into your hair for a wonderful conditioner, or just mix some in with your store bought conditioner to boost its moisturizing properties.  Shea butter can be used to sooth many skin maladies from sunburn to cracked heals or even diaper rash. People with nut allergies may want to avoid using shea butter, as it is derived from a nut.

Shea butter WILL lose some of its healing properties if kept stored for too long, so replace every 1-2 years and be sure you purchase yours from a reputable source of fresh ingredients.

photo sourced online somewhere 😉

My shea soap recipe includes only a small amount of shea butter, about the same amount as the castor and palm oils. It also includes coconut and olive oils – all oils that are moisturizing and soothing to the skin and combine to create a nice lather without drying the skin. I find my shea soaps to be the creamiest of my soaps.

Do you have a favorite oil or conditioner to treat your skin?

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Are you signed up for our newsletter? Don’t miss out on special discounts, Nude Soap news and great DIY tips. This month’s newsletter is all about keeping cool during these late Summer months.

Grab the cucumbers and your swimming trunks! Subscribe to our newsletter!

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Summer came a bit late here in Philomath, but the fleas are out, the dogs are itching and it’s time to unveil our newest product: Sham-pooch!

This gentle blend of vegetable oils is great for most dogs’ skin and fur and has been infused and scented with essential oils and herbs chosen for their flea, tick and mosquito repelling attributes. I didn’t use ground oats i this recipe, but may be adding some to my next batch for doggies with especially sensitive skin. This shampoo has lots of lather, which makes sudsing up your dog easy (relatively) and by skipping the bottle you’ll no longer be terrifying your dog by wielding a foreign object near its face while you struggle to balance and get him wet and sudsy without drenching yourself. I can’t wait to have outside space again or perhaps a utility sink – for now my shower will have to do and a water proof apron is not to be underestimated. This soap ISN’T overly moisturizing, so your hands may dry out a bit after washing Fido. Be sure and follow with a moisturizer and observe your dog to be sure this blend isn’t too drying for their skin.

Before (dirty and itchy)…  During (not stoked)…  After (Clean! Happy!)

Rubbing your dog with this citrusy smelling bar of soap is pleasant for dog and person alike. You’ll love the smell and how easy the soap lathers up. Your dog will probably wish they still smell like ‘funk’ but will be happy to have clean and shiny fur. I’ve chosen several essential oils that repel ticks and fleas, but please continue to check your dog for marauders and consider treating them with a natural flea preventative before you take a hike in the dry grass.  Peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood and citronella are all powerful oils that leave this soap fairly heavily scented. I’ve also infused the olive oil used in this soap with pennyroyal, an important herb for repelling fleas. If you’re not already growing pennyroyal, consider adding it to your living space. Having pennyroyal growing in areas where your pets roam is an excellent strategy for keeping fleas at bay, especially if your dogs or cats enjoy rolling in the soft foliage. Catmint is another excellent repelling herb, especially effective on mosquitos. Note: both are fairly invasive plants, so don’t plant in your veggie garden! I have plans for a walk way with stepping stones and climbing thyme, chamomile and pennyroyal: lovely and useful!

Pocket says: hurry and get your own bar of Sham-pooch before they’re all gone! As usual, this soap was made in a small batch (only 17 bars!) so get yours before they’re gone. I will make another batch of Sham-pooch to be ready in a month and a half or so, at which point i’ll be deciding if this blend will be Summer seasonal only, or part of my regular cast. Be sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter so that you stay in the loop on ALL our seasonal products. 🙂

What say you, should Sham-pooch be available all year or as a Summer special?? Leave me a comment with your answer!

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Summer is almost here! The solstice is RIGHT around the corner, things are blooming like gang busters and the tomato plants are showing signs of fruit, even here in the gloomy side of Oregon. Cool nights continue, but i’ve found myself wearing shorts and tees more often than layers of wool. This all means: It is time for a Summer sale from Nude Soap!

Subscribers of our newsletter got first dibs on this hot sale, but i’m extending the offer to all my wonderful customers, new and old alike. Now through the end of July get 15% off our super comfy tees and tanks in the Swag section of our shop. Enter SWAG152012 at check out: you’ll see your discount in the total at the bottom.  Our tees are made of soft and breezy cotton and the tanks are slightly ribbed for a form fitted look. Ladies’ tees are slightly fitted and flatteringly long, while mens’ fit in the traditional T style. All our shirts were hand printed in south Austin at Good Vibes Tees, with the help of our soapmaker. Supplies and colors are limited, so get yours today!

Ladies Tees available in kelly green and dark brown, ladies tanks: kelly green/dark brown, men’s tees: sage green/dark brown. Check out website for sizes.

Aren’t they sweet? Light and comfortable, our shirts are perfect for wearing in the garden or while enjoying a delicious craft beer on a hot, sunny day. Buy one today and show your support for handmade, women run small businesses: yay! Don’t miss out on another sale, sign up for our monthly newsletter today. It’s always a lot of fun and won’t fill up your inbox. The sign-up link is right at the top of our sidebar. 🙂

Have a great Summer!

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“Go Local” is a term meant to encourage shoppers to keep their money in their own community by shopping in locally owned stores. Sometimes, this term also applies to business owners. When i received an email last week announcing the 9th annual “Let It Flow” event in Wren, i immediately responded that i’d donate a gift basket. As a business owner, i love bringing my products to my neighbors. As a person, i love getting to know the members of my community. As a sustainability minded person i try to utilize as many locally sourced ingredients as possible in my products, and love it when i get the chance to sell my products only miles from my home. For all of these reasons, plus my fondness for social gatherings, i’m happy to pitch in and help Wren to let it flow.

Wren is a little community just west/north of Philomath, OR and this event is a way of raising some money to help keep the little community center standing and available for more community events.  I’m looking forward to eating, drinking, listening to music and mingling with my friends and neighbors from around the area. The event is this Saturday, May 19th from 5 to 11 PM in the community building just north of Cardwell Hill Rd on hwy 223.


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