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Everywhere Cream is back! Everywhere Cream is the perfect moisturizer for ALL your skin, from nose to toes. Thick and nourishing, this cream contains luxurious and moisturizing oils as well as natural beeswax for extra protection from the elements. We’re also excited to announce our all new herbal balms, great for extra dry fingers and toes!

Everywhere Cream comes in several ‘scents’ chosen for their skin nourishing and aromatherapy properties. Back in Austin, Nude Soap’s Everywhere Cream was a favorite with the hard working potters at Sunset Canyon Pottery…. You know that if our lotion worked great for the dry and abused hands of potters, it will work wonders for your hands! We had to discontinue our most popular product due to some legal preservative requirements… but we’re happy to announce that Everywhere Cream is back in stock and sure to be as great a seller as it was in is unpreserved state.

Your favorite all-over lotion now comes naturally preserved for even longer shelf life. Preservatives? Did she really say the dreaded word?? Have no fear, and rest assured our Everywhere Cream is still naturally naked. The all natural preservative system we’re currently using has been well tested with assurances that even sensitive skin will be un-bothered. You can read more about the preservatives we use here.

Everywhere Cream is currently available in reusable mason jars, with a product weight of 3.5 ounces. Locals can save 50 cents off their next purchase with the return of a clean 4 oz ball or ker jar. 8 oz jars coming soon!

Don’t see your favorite blend? Simply email us to request your favorite essential oil, or to order a custom batch. 8 oz minimum order for custom blends – subject to availability.

Product ‘sold out’? Simply email us to pre-order from our next batch. We are always happy to whip up your favorite blend!


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