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You heard that right, Nude Soap is now on the shelves of Market of Choice! Along with several other local soap artisans, and of course plenty of larger all natural soap companies, my soap can now reach a broader audience in the Corvallis area. Market of Choice is a family owned, small local chain of high end grocery stores. Within their walls is a stellar bakery, tons of natural and organic produce and sundries, and of course a rockin whole health section. They have everything from vitamins to natural incense, and now Nude Soap! Doesn’t it look great on the shelves?

While wandering the whole health aisles, I discovered that my favorite shampoo company, Nature’s Gate has some really nice looking new conditioners available, and i’m excited to hear they’ve gone sulfate free! Although i generally use only my own products, i do occasionally add a natural conditioner to my hair care regiment (Rosemary Shampoo Bar or simple baking soda scrub, towel dry, lightly polish with a tiny dollup of coconut oil or rosemary essential oil). I try to keep my use of bottled shampoos and conditioners to a minimum, in order to reduce waste and avoid sulfates. Now that Nature’s Gate’s gone sulfate free, my options are much wider. I can’t wait to try the tea tree conditioner: it sounds so yummy!

Speaking of the Rosemary Shampoo Bar…. my husband and i have been using it exclusively for the past 2 weeks and we’re incredibly happy with it! My thick hair is wavy and has tons of volume, and my chronically itchy/flakey scalp is calming down and has majorly reduced its shedding! My husband’s very thin and often stringy hair is light and fluffy, and less greasy in the mornings. We love this shampoo bar, and i’ve ordered more ingredients to be sure i can keep it in stock. I hope you’ll try it and love it too!


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We have some new faces to add to our family of all natural soaps. Winter Wellness is a seasonal treat of peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus, perfect for combating a Winter cold and brightening your mood. Herbal Rosemary Shampoo bars are the second incarnation of my solid shampoo recipe and are great for all hair and scalp types, getting your tresses shinier and your scalp *less itchy. We’re also happy to introduce two new ‘flavors’ of our popular hempseed soap: Patchouli/Cedarwood and Lavender/Tea Tree.

Here are our complete soap families as of November 2011.

Deep Cleaning Soap

Herbal Moisturizing Soap

Moisturizing Soap with Unrefined Shea Butter

Hemp Soap

Nude Soap cares about the environment. You may know that sandalwood is increasingly rare and may soon become extinct. Some of our soaps contain ‘sandalwood’ essential oil, but this oil is actually from a different species of plant that is not endangered. The smell is slightly more musky than the sandalwood oil you may be familiar with, but we feel it’s our responsibility to only use renewable resources in our soaps.


* Nude Soap does not make any medical claims. Any suggested uses are just suggestions and may not be suitable for all skin types. As with any body product, discontinue use if you experience skin discomfort.

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I am so excited to unveil the newest additions to our line of soaps! They’re nearly cured (dried thoroughly) and will be packaged and ready for their new homes in about a week: Yay! We have some seasonal specials and some new blends of our most popular recipes. Let’s take a look at them, ‘all naturale’ and naked without their packaging:

NEW BLEND: Hemp Soap with Cedarwood and Patchouli. Musky goodness!

NEW BLEND: Hemp Soap with Lavender & Tea Tree

SEASONAL SPECIAL: Winter Wellness, Moisturizing Soap with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree

ALL NEW! Shampoo bars!

*Did you know that Nude Soap is naturally air dried for a minimum of ONE MONTH!? This long curing time assures that you will have a hard, long lasting bar to stay clean and moisturized with for a long time. Our soaps last the average user about a month, sometimes two depending on the frequency of your showers. If you’re using it as hand soap, sink side: expect even longer shelf life!  Because we only use pure essential oils, the scent of your soap may decrease over time: a great excuse to make the switch to your new Nude Soap bars right away! If you’re buying several bars, simply store the ‘bars in waiting’ in some paper towels or your sock drawer, out of the light and away from any humidity. The essential oils will make any room or drawer smell great, and keeping the soap lightly wrapped (never in plastic!) will extend that yummy aroma.

We’ll be packaging this week, so check back soon for an updated shop and full profiles of these new blends and special soaps.

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