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Facials are great for all skin types, and for every face: man or woman. Think facials are too ‘girly’ for you, buddy? Think again: there’s nothing sexier than clean pores. Seriously.

Making your own, all natural clay facial is also SO EASY. All you need is a few tablespoons of pure kaolin clay and some water. That’s it! You can choose to add other goodies to make your facial more soothing, nourishing, cleansing, etc. You can also use other clays if you can’t find kaolin. This link has some great recipes and other information on different clay types. Some additives include:

  • Chamomile tea
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile extract
  • Essential oil: lemongrass, lavender, peppermint (use only a TINY drop)

We added some lemongrass essential oil to our facials….. too much. It burned. A lot. So if you use essential oils: be careful! Adding a facial to your beauty routine is great for cleaning up and shrinking your pores. As it dries, the clay sucks out all that nasty grime and dirt, leaving your pores clean and ready to close back up. Consider adding a weekly or bi-weekly facial to your routine, depending on your skin type. Folks with dry skin should limit their facials to once or twice a month. Always follow your facial with a light application of toner (just some lavender infused vinegar will do the trick!) and a light moisturizer (a very light application of Everywhere Cream is great).

Clay Facial

Add enough water to about 2 tablespoons of clay to make a smooth paste: not too thick, but not runny. Apply to face in an upward, against the grain motion with a spatula or brush. Wait for the clay to dry: try not to make many facial expressions that would crack the seal! Once dry, brush the clay into your sink, then wash your face well with a soothing soap and hot water. I like to use the Herbal Chamomile/Lavender soap. Follow with toner and moisturizer and enjoy how soft and supple your face feels for the rest of the day! You should notice much cleaner and reduced pores immediately.

What does your beauty routine include?


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